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The Collection contains the largest single public gathering of books and periodicals written about the Milwaukee Road and the Montana (Jawbone) Railroad in the United States. No other library (including the Library of Congress) has a Milwaukee Road book collection this extensive. Other featured railroads include Montana Rail Link, the Northern Pacific Railroad, the Great Northern Railroad, the Burlington Northern Railroad and the Montana Railroad.

The library contains some 1,000 books and publications about the Milwaukee Road.



At, find access to over 180 websites dedicated to railroading and the Milwaukee Road. Click on the Milw. Road button on the home page and then click on the Milw. Road Links button on the railroad page.


The library contains every issue of The Milwaukee Railroader, the official magazine of the national Milwaukee Road Historic Association dating back nearly forty years. Also featured in the collection are numerous editions of the Milwaukee Road’s employee monthly magazine, The Milwaukee Road Magazine. The library can also provide full (printed) access to almost every copy of The Milwaukee Road Magazine dating back to 1913.

The library features over 1,200 railroad magazines dating back to 1936. Titles include Trains, Railroad Magazine and the Railway Mechanical Engineer (WWII).

The library has full access to the Milwaukee Road’s annual reports stretching over seventy years as well as access to thousands of other Milwaukee Road documents and artifacts via its comprehensive website.

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Video Collection

Not limited to books, the library contains over 185 hours of DVDs and CDs primarily featuring the Milwaukee Road. Other railroads featured in the video collection include the Montana Rail Link and other American Railroads.



The collection also features access (through Worldcat) to over one thousand three hundred books, articles and videos about the Milwaukee Road located in libraries across the United States.


Access to the Collection is free of charge to the public. The titles in the Collection are available for on site use and on a limited checkout. The Collection is open when the Society’s Marshall Building museum is open and by appointment at all other times.


Donations are always welcome! The collection is supported by grants and gifts from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, The Milwaukee Road Historical Association, the Judith Gap Wind Farm, VEK Railway Supply of Helena, Montana, the Daughters of Henry “Mick” Collins and Harlowton area residents. Thank you!

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