Milwauke Road Links


View -  Montana: The last days of the Electrics YouTube Video (4:26 minutes)

View -  70+ 8mm films of trains and ships taken between the 1950's and 1970's.

View -  Olympian Hiawatha in the yards at Harlowton Montana and then on a trip west of Harlow in the 1950's. YouTube Video (6:26 minutes)

View -  Traveling in a speeder from Kittitas to Beverly and back, you'll experience a section man's view of the Milwaukee Road over the Saddle Mountains in 1953.

View -  A World News site loaded with Milwaukee Road video clips; some as long as one half hour.

View -  A slide show of the Milwaukee Road in South Dakota and twenty other film and video clips of the Milwaukee Road.

View -  This site contains over fifteen minutes of color film of the Milwaukee Road shot in central Washington during the 1950’s and 1960s.

View -  DANGER LIGHTS - This 1930 movie starring Jean Arthur was shot along the Milwaukee Road between Miles City and Lombard; much was shot in 16 mile canyon and around Harlowton.

View -  The Railroad from Heaven to Hell YouTube Video

View -  16 mm film of the 1938 Hiawatha. YouTube Video

View -  Commercial seller of railroad DVDs. Nice three volume set of the Milwaukee Road.

View -  Commercial site Milwaukee Road videos available.

View -  Commercial video site with Milwaukee Road content.


The Milwaukee Road's Pacific Extension: Harlowton Montana, August 1974.

View -  Milwaukee Railroad In Montana; contains quite a few photos from Harlowton.

View -  This is called “The List” and is part of the Milwaukee Road group’s universe.

View -  A map of the 1944 Milwaukee Road northern division.

View -  Features the photography of Dale Jones.

View -  General photo site with Milwaukee Road photos.

View -  Google Search for "Milwaukee Road Freight Car Photo Roster"

View -  The Montana Railroad on

View -  General photo site.

View -  Lots of rolling stock and building photos; old and new.

View -  Huge site of international railroad (and domestic) railroad photos – includes the Milwaukee Road.

View -  LocoPhotos - Comprehensive Locomotive Arciving Many Milwaukee Photos.

View -  Over 45,000 photos! Milwaukee Road included.

View -  A good site for Milwaukee photos.

View -  Photos from Wikimedia Commons. Category: Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad

View -  Photos of rail rolling stock in the Chicago area. Includes some Milwaukee photos.


View -  Depot plans & blueprints and train orders.

View -  Over 8,700 surviving depots are plotted on dynamic Google maps.

View -  This website details the Milwaukee Road’s history in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

View -  A general site of railroads in the west.

View -  An encyclopedia site covering the Milwaukee Road.

View -  A blog dedicated to the iron horse state park (the old Milwaukee right of way) in Washington State.

View -  This site remembers the Milwaukee Road in Washington State.

View -  This website discusses why the Milwaukee Road failed.

View -  This website includes a discussion of the Montana Power Company’s birth to serve the Milwaukee Road’s western electrification system.

View -  A young woman’s blog about her stint as an intern working at the Milwaukee Road Archives in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Public Library.

View -  A general site covering steam engines (including Milwaukee Road power).

View -  A website dedicated to the Milwaukee Road’s fully restored dynamometer car.

View -  A website dedicated to modern aerial views and descriptions of the former Milwaukee shops in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

View -  Has many links to Milwaukee Road detail such as locomotives and motors.

View -  Site for Milwaukee No. 261 restored steam locomotive.

View -  An archival private site not affiliated with the Milwaukee Public Library.

View -  The American Railroads: A Long and Storied History

View -  Good photos of the Milwaukee Road rolling stock.

View -  Photos of modern Montana Railroads.

View -  Wisconsin short line museum site featuring former Milwaukee trackage.

View -  John Crosby’s narrative of the Milwaukee’s Coastal Division.

View -  Milwaukee depot restoration in Morrisonville, Wisconsin.

View -  Milwaukee Road Mississippi River Color Train.

View -  Encyclopedia Britannica feature on the Milwaukee Road.

View -  South Dakota State University Milw. Road archives

View -  Primarily CMSTPaul communications between 1913 and 1918.

View -  New York Times article from 1916.

View -  Great map of the Milwaukee Road early system.

View -  Fabulous collection of Milwaukee documents.

View -  Article regarding the Milwaukee’s purchase of the Milwaukee and Watertown RW from 1855.

View -  1901 New York Times article regarding possible western extension by CMSTPaul RW.

View -  The Montana Railroad on

View -  Story of the Washington, Idaho and Montana Railway Company (Potlatch) eventually purchased by the Milwaukee Road in 1962.

View -  Pacific Northwest Railroad Archive


View -  The “premier” Milwaukee Road Historical Association site.

View -  Milwaukee Road Heritage Center in Montevideo, Minnesota.

View -  Preservation of the Milwaukee Shops History.

View -  Site dedicated to the preservation of Milwaukee Road X-5000 – The Road’s Dynomometer car.

View -  Site dedicated to the refurbished 1946 Hiawatha tap car designed by Brook Stevens.

View -  Repair site connection. YouTube Video

View -  Sussex-Lisbon Wisc. Area Historical Society. The story of the “bug line.”

View -  Photos and history of the “Little Joe.”


View -  Cascade Rail Foundation Preserving the Milwaukee Road in Washington.

View -  John Caar’s extensive railroad site. Lots of photos.

View -  Northwest Rail Museum.

View -  Photos and comments about abandoned rail sites in the Northwest.

View -  Site includes maps and photos of abandoned railroads in the Pacific Northwest including the Milwaukee.

View -  Features the Milwaukee Road artwork of Gary Pember.

View -  Inland Empire Railway Historical Society (Spokane, Washington).

View -  Western Montana chapter of the National Railway Historical Society in Missoula, Montana.

View -  Fruit scenes from Kittitas County, Washington the Milwaukee Road.

View -  Brochure form the Milwaukee Road circa 1910. Encyclopedia of Chicago.

View -  Amazing list of Milwaukee Road employees killed and injured in Kittatas County, Washington in 1907-1909.

View -  Great photograph of Alexander Mitchell, President of the Milwaukee Road during its formative years.


757th Engineer Railway Battalion
Sponsored by the Milwaukee Road

View -  'Working on the railroad' - Training

View -  'Home of Army Rail' and the 'Source of Power'

View -  Fantastic photos and discharge papers from Henry Brill 757th Railway Shop Battalion.

View -  757th Transportation Battalion Lineage and Honors Information.

744th Railway Operating Battalion
Sponsored by the Milwaukee Road

View -  Military Railway Unit Histories Held at MHI.

View -  744th Railway Operating Battalion

View -  720th 744th Railway Operating Battalions-World War II: The Homefront

View -  History of the 744th by George B. Abdill reprinted from the Military Railway Service Journal - Jan 1959

View -  Raoul Santos

View -  Railway Operating Battalions

View -  The Milwaukee Magazine: May 1944 (The 744th Takes Over)

View -  The Milwaukee Magazine: August 1944

View -  The Milwaukee Magazine: February 1946

View -  The United States Army Chaplaincy 1920-1945


View -  Modeler’s site includes the Milwaukee Road.

View -  Puget Sound Model Railroad Engineers.

View -  Midwest Milwaukee Modelers’ Meet.


View -  National trails organization dedicated to using former railroad rights of way for trails.

View -  Redevelopment of the Milwaukee Shops area in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

View -  Follow the Milwaukee Road in the Olympic Mountains West of Seattle.

View -  Trail along the Route of the Hiawatha in Idaho.

View -  Coeur d’Alenes and Hiawatha trails in Northern Idaho.

View -  Trails at Cedar Butte, Washington.

View -  Hiking former railroad rights-of-way in Montana.


View -  1905 Court decision regarding mail hauling compensation on the CMSTPaul RW.

View -  1890 court decision in favor of the Milwaukee Road.

View -  Analysis of the significance of the 1890 decision.

View -  1914 U.S. Supreme Court decision lost by the CMSTPaul Railway.

View -  1867 U.S. Supreme Court decision lost by the Milwaukee Road.

View -  Significant 1887 U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding the bonds of the CMStPaul RW.

View -  1900 U.S. Supreme Court decision on Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. Co. V. Bosworth, 179 U.S. 442 (1900)

View -  1907 decision of Wisc. Railroad Commission granting the Milwaukee the right to put in a siding.


View -  European Division of the Milwaukee Road Historical Association

View -  Features the restoration of the old Milwaukee Depot in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

View -  The Wisconsin State Historical Society.

View -  Features over 5,000 links to railroad sites.

View -  ABPR Archive.

View -  Southern Pacific Historical and Technical Society

View -  Comprehensive University Railroad Research center which includes a Milwaukee Road collection.

View -  Union Pacific Historical Society

View -  Soo Line Historical Association

View -  Denver, Rio Grande & Western Railway Historical Society

View -  Railroad Station Historical Society

View -  National Railway Historical Society

View -  RAPPAHANNOCK CHAPTER National Railway Society

View -  Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Historical & Modeling Society

View -  Chicago Northwestern Historical Society

View -  Illinois Railroad Museum

View -  Commercial sales railroad link site.

View -  South Dakota State Historical Society

View -  Map of Montana Railroad land grants.

View -  Lists names of Montana towns and cities and how the name came to be.


Here are several web groups you can join to get into the Milwaukee Road spirit.

View -  Forum for diesel modelers

View - is a free online bulletin board for railroaders, railfans, model railroaders and anyone else who is interested in railroads. We cover a wide variety of topics, from the latest developments in today's railroading to the early days of railroading.

View -  The Railroad Network

View -  Milwaukee Passenger Trains

View -  Milwaukee Road in the 80’s.

View -  Several Milwaukee Road Groups

View -

View -

View -

View -

View -

View -

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