Harlowton Museum Exhibits

Life in the Valley

Vintage Western Ware Exhibits Museum

The ever changing displays in our museum will soon feature vintage western clothing.

Theater Exhibits Museum

Take a break in our theater and enjoy a movie about the people and the history of Montana.

Bar Exhibits Museum

Saddle up the bar and read about the Upper Musselshell Valley’s people and their history.

Carriage Exhibits Museum

This 1900’s buggy and traveling coat are two of several artifacts representative of early 1900’s travel in the Valley.

50s Apartment Exhibits Museum

The 50’s apartment, original to the Marshal Building, is decked out in 50’s artifacts. Display was done by Lynn Graves with the assistance of Sharla Hatveldt.

Travel Display Exhibits Museum

Travel Display, done by Sharla Hatveldt, displays souvenirs from people who ventured beyond the Valley.

Toy Exhibits Museum

The toy room is proof that our parents and grandparents had more than rocks and sticks to play with.

Winter Apparel Exhibits Museum

Winter Display Case

Beach Display Exhibits Museum

Beach Display Case includes photographs from Harlowton’s first swimming pool in the city park.

Jewelry Exhibits Museum

The Robertson Jewelry Store’s display case houses our collections of crystal, silver, and hand painted china.

Moms Closet Exhibits Museum

'Mom’s Closet' display contains period hats, coats, and clothing

The Heritage Rooms

Betty Heritage Room

Betty Deering Fraley has put together a lovely room in memory of the Paden—Deering family.

Irwin Heritage Room Museum

One of two Heritage Rooms owned by Irwin Allen, long time Snowy Mountain rancher, contains a collection of tools used by his family.

Allen Ranch Heritage Room Museum

Items from the Allen Ranch of yesteryears decorate the second of Irwin Allen’s Heritage Rooms.

Loretta Heritage Room Museum

Loretta Swanson’s extensive doll collection is enjoyed by young and old.

Diane Heritage Room Museum

Diane Martin Morse and Kay Martin have combined the clothing and artifacts of the Martin Family, long time ranchers on Big Elk, in a display.

Baby Heritage Room Museum

Baby clothing and photographs owned by the Martin's have been arranged, along with family documents and other articles, by Kay Martin in an historical exhibit.

Arthur Heritage Room Museum

The Arthur’s (Big Elk ranchers), the Cosgriffe’s (early Harlowton freight line owners) and the Moore’s (Two Dot ranching family) are represented in this room with possessions from all three families gathered together. Harry and Peg Cosgriffe's Room.

Memories Heritage Room Museum

Memories of family are presented in Margie Ewing’s Room. A period dressing set reminds us of a more formal past.

Stan Heritage Room Museum

Stan and Enid Kalberg’s Heritage Room displays rodeo memorabilia along with impressive sculptures and 'Sis' Hicks 100 year-old doll.

Corner Ranch Heritage Room Museum

This small corner room is rich with color and history containing an eclectic group of artifacts ranging from gold pans to glass marbles to shirtwaists. Dick and Nancy Stoltz Heritage Room.

Tucked Heritage Room Museum

Tucked away behind the windows of the August and Effie Winsky Heritage Room are the memories of a railroader/rancher and schoolteacher.


Wheatland County had numerous rural school houses through the years, some of the oldest established in the 1890’s (Labrie and Duffey). With a Valley full of hopeful ranchers and farmers and railroaders, one of the first joint ventures of a town or a loose community was usually a school for the education of the children (Big Elk, Bercail, Oka, Hedgesville). Those places and schoolhouses don’t exist any longer, but it is easy to travel back to those days when you visit the Schoolroom in the upstairs of the Times Building.

Wheatland Schools History Museum Harlowton

A replica of a one-room school house from the area is on display, showing how it 'used to be.' (Times Building)

Wheatland Schools Classroom History Museum Harlowton

The school room has many artifacts from past teachers and students from the Valley. (Times Building)


Military History Museum Harlowton Montana

From the Spanish American War all the way up to present day, the Military Display, put together by Marlene Robertson, honors local heroes who served for our country.


Medical Exhibits History Museum

Medical display shares the history of some of area and local doctors and nurses as well as artifacts used in the medical field.


Railroad History Museum Exhibits

The John & Ida Belle Pederson collection, the largest collection of HO scale Milwaukee Road models in the United States, tells the story of railroads in Central Montana including The Montana Railroad (the Jawbone), the Milwaukee Road, the White Sulphur Springs & Yellowstone Park Railroad, the BNSF and Montana Rail Link.

Native American

Native American History Museum Harlowton

The Native American display features the Harlan Lucas Collection and contains artifacts found in numerous bison kill sites and campsites around the Upper Musselshell Valley as well as other parts of the state.

Business & Industry

Cattle Business History Museum Harlowont

The cattle industry has played a vital part in the development of the Upper Musselshell Valley and continues to play a major part.

Office Business History Museum Harlowont

The office display, done by Sharla Hatveldt, includes numerous typewriters and adding machines, as well as office supplies.

Howard Stewart History Museum Harlowont

Howard Stewart Collection is a miniature pack string decked out with handmade harnesses, saddles, and more.

General Business History Museum Harlowont

Our general store display shows off a collection of various goods from several different decades.

Bank Business History Museum Harlowont

Checks and receipts from early area banks and businesses.

Money Business History Museum Harlowont

Several banks existed in the Valley during the 1900’s. Even though only one survived, you can still see checks and other artifacts of the banks in the teller cage.

Other Cool Stuff

Silver Dresser Cool History Exhibits

Silver Dresser set

Silver Dresser Accessories Cool History Exhibits

Silver Dresser set in wooden box and gold dresser set.

Jewelry Cool History Exhibits

Men’s Jewelry box with fan and a lady’s jewelry box.

Mens Jewelry Cool History Exhibits

Men’s Jewelry box with fan.

Sled Cool History Exhibits

This sled hearse used by the Masons came from Castle Town. It is still home to our ghoulish resident.

Meet Ava

Dinosaur Museum History Harlo Meet Ava

Avaceratops Lammersi, also known as 'Ava,' was discovered north of Shawmut and is the first of its kind. Ava is one of fifteen stops on the Dinosaur Trail. 'Ava' joins other fine specimens of the geological history of the Upper Musselshell Valley.

The Montana Dinosaur Trail

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