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The Upper Musselshell Historic Society plays host to a number of historical publications and photographs including a Milwaukee Road Book Collection and a Native American Book Collection.

• Area biographies, autobiographies, and an extensive photography collection are included in our archives.
• Oral interviews of contemporary area residents compiled by Don Amundson, Harlowton, 2010-2011.
• Also available for research are past newspapers of the area:
○ Judith Gap Journal (1901-1924)
○ Hedges Herald (1909-1914)
○ Ryegate Reporter (1911-1934)
○ Montana Clarion (1935-1950)
○ Harlowton Press (1915-1923)
○ Harlowton Times (1924-1950)
○ The Times Clarion (1950 until now)
○ The Engineer Express (1979-1992)
• A number of the newspapers are available on microfilm and can be read on our microfiche.
• Readers and researchers can access the collections at the Reading Room in the Marshall Building. Research can also be done over the phone by calling the Museum (406-632-5679), through the internet museum@mtintouch.net, or by letter (Box 364, Harlowton, Montana 59036).

Milwauke Railroad Library

The Milwaukee Road Book Collection consists of over 200 volumes of books which tell the story of the rise and fall of the unique and once powerful Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad. The Collection has been funded in part by grants from the Wind Energy Impact Grant and the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, and includes books from the Ida Belle and John Pedersen Railroad Collection, the Gerald H. Miller Railroad Collection and the W.L. Rasmussen Railroad Collection. The Collection also contains numerous historical documents and railroad magazines and other publications.

Harlow Museum Libraries

Native American Book Collection

The Native American Book Collection consists of over 100 volumes, focusing on the histories and stories of the tribes residing in Montana. The Collection originated through an Indian Education for All Grant from the Montana OPI (Office of Public Instruction).

Harlow Museum Libraries Native American

'Life in the Upper Musselshell Valley.'

The Harlowton High School Montana Heritage Project Collection of seven area histories researched and printed in book form. The Collection includes the following publications:

• Images of the Upper Musselshell Valley: Three Ranches 100 Years Old in the Valley
• The Bair Family: A Montana Legacy
• The Hutterian Way: Hutterite Colonies in the Upper Musselshell Valley
• Sites and Sounds of the Upper Musselsehll Valley: Railroads and Railroaders, Archaeology and Businesses in the Valley
• Life on the River: Stories from the Upper Musselshell Valley
• People of the Valley and 1910 in the Upper Musselshell Valley
• Bungalows and Barns, Banks and Buildings and People of the Valley, Part II
Note: These publications are out of print

Harlow Museum Libraries Stories From the Musselshell

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